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Guild Bounty Tracker

This tool is to assist guilds with the Guild Bounty mission in Guild Wars 2, by allowing everyone to keep track of who has found which bounty NPC.

If you’re a guild leader/officer, you can register your guild, then set up a password for other guild members to log in with. Other guild members, log in with the password an officer gives you.

Each NPC’s name links to the relevant section of Dulfy’s guide in a new window, wherein you can find a picture of the NPC and a map of their route.

Click a button in the table to assign a playeryourself to the corresponding NPC. If you need to change your name, log out and back in again.

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Enter the guild name and admin email address in the boxes below then click the Reset button to reset the admin password to a new random one. An email will be sent containing the new password.

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